How to Make Special Effect Veins


How to Make Special Effect Veins

There are many things you can create with special effect makeup, from scars, to bullet holes, to even gross headpieces and strange growths. In a piece we did last year, Demon Poker, many of our actors had to go through hours of makeup to accomplish their scary looks. One of the things our makeup artists did was add gross veins that pop out to add to the scary effect. Here’s step-by-step instructions on how to make special effect veins.


What you need:

– Plate or bowl
– Gluestick
– Liquid Latex
– String
– Makeup Sponges
– Bruise Wheels
– Small brushes
– Dark Eye Shadows

Step 1

Makeup 2

Start off will a clean hand and arm to make for a great base for the makeup.

Step 2

Makeup 3

Use a small detail brush and draw an outline of where you want your veins with the bruise wheel. After, cut the string to the length of the different lines.

Step 3

Makeup 4

Adhere the string to the hand where the outlines where. You could either use a glue stick or liquid latex for this process.

Step 4

Makeup 5

Outline the string with green and reds from the bruise wheel, this will work best if you use a small detail brush.

Step 5

Makeup 6

Now add darker colors from the bruise wheel to the veins, this will give it a scarier effect as though they are popping out of your actors skin.

Step 6

Makeup 7

Finish off by using powder to set all the veins and make them look more dramatic.


Video production school attendee Evan!Nikki Riehle is a 19-year-old from the cornfields of Indiana. She is an aspiring predimatographor (producer, editor, cinematographer), and an apprentice at the Center for Creative Media.

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