My First Impressions of Fuller House


My First Impressions of Fuller House

I was an avid Full House watcher as a child — and even as a teen. I remember coming home from school and turning on ABC Family and watching all the 90s reruns, but Full House was my favorite. So when I heard about Fuller House coming out on Netflix this year, I was excited to see the characters I know and love make an appearance on set once again. Be prepared, this blog may have some spoilers.

My first impression of Fuller house was, was Full House this cheesy? Thankfully after watching more episodes, the cheesy-factor decreases. The explanation for the first episodes cheese comes from the fact that the writers wanted to bring back some of the old scenarios that occurred in the 90s show so that the diehard Full House lovers would feel a sense of nostalgia, which definitely did its job. They brought in all of the main characters from before (besides Michelle) to bring back the old “have mercy’s,” “cut-it-outs,” and “how rudes” to keep those sayings alive for this new show, and I actually enjoyed this element. Most of the main Full House characters, of course, will not be the stars of Fuller House, but will come back as guest stars throughout the season.

The Time Gap Is Explained


The first episode does a great job displaying what all the notorious characters have been up to and why they no longer live in the beloved San Francisco home. I enjoyed being able to fill in the gaps of what these characters have been doing for the last 30 years. They even stuck with the interests and the dreams of the characters from way back when. For example, Stephanie loved to perform as a child and ended up becoming a professional DJ. I liked that the writers played off  who the characters were 30 years earlier.


Similar Storylines

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Something that really stood out right off the bat is how much the new show mirrored Full House. The storyline of Full House was that Danny Tanner’s wife died and he was forced to raise his three girls on his own until Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse come in to help raise the girls. Fuller House is basically the same story, but switching out the characters. DJ (now the main character), whose husband had died, has to raise her three boys by herself until Stephanie and Kimmy come to help. The only change with this is Kimmy has a daughter of her own who moves into the house, which contributes to the storyline in later episodes.

Technology Disrupts The Nostalgia Factor

A huge contrast from to the original is the emphasis on technology. There is a scene in the first episode where all of the original characters are in the kitchen and someone’s phone goes off and everyone is looking into their pockets to see if it’s their phone. It was strange that that technology was in the setting, because it obviously never had before. It almost feels like cell phones and laptops should not be in the Fuller House universe. The use of modern technology in Fuller House takes away from the nostalgic framing of the show.

Subpar Acting

There are definitely a lot of elements I love about the new show, but there are few thing I’m not a huge fan of. For instance, the show is obviously a sitcom, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like a sitcom, although it definitely does. I think the cause of this is the subpar acting. It doesn’t feel as natural as it did in Full House years ago. I don’t think many of the actors from Full House have done a ton of acting since the show ended in the 90s, and I can definitely tell. I think the biggest problem is the way they perform their lines and their timing. It’s just not as believable as it use to be.

Not Exactly a Family Friendly Anymore

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Something that really bothers me about Fuller House is it seems like it would be a family show like the previous show was, but there is definitely a lot of adult humor. I was surprised that, in the first episode, there were many references to sex, which obviously didn’t occur in the previous show. Culture and fashion have changed since Full House, but some of the outfit choices are less than modest. Stephanie wears a revealing red dress in the first episode that was unnecessary. This element is definitely disappointing.

With all of these things in mind, I probably will continue to watch the show. Even with the negatives of the show, the nostalgia that it brings me is enough for me to continue watching. It’s nice to see Fuller House start a reboot of the 90s show we all know and love, and I hope that other “retired” shows follow in their footsteps and start making more episodes.

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